Survival Seeds

survival_seeds2Survival seeds are an absolute must have no matter which kind of preserved foods you have stored, froze, freeze dried or canned! Sooner or later all of these food reserves will run out and if you don’t plan on time, you could be facing the end of your food reserves with nothing to replace them.
Having heirloom and open pollinated vegetable seeds is the only long term food storage program for you and your family!

Even if you, or some members of your family are not big vegetable eaters, in times when other food supply ran out or become extremely rare, fresh vegetables will have new appeal.

If you purchase a good supply of heirloom garden seeds that make most survival seed banks, you will have everything you need to feed yourself and your family for life. But you need be careful to buy open pollinated non-hybrid or heirloom seeds!

Survival Seeds and Survival Seed Banks

emergency_seed_bank_newcanSurvival seeds in most survival seed banks offer storability and variety needed for any long term food storage program. These vaults are packed with non-hybrid seeds that will reproduce well, and can be saved for next growing season.

Seeds for Survival come with many vegetables varieties, usually at least 15-20 different vegetables. Each survival seed bank can contains planting guidelines, extensive information o soil preparation and information on how to save seed for next planting season.

Survival vegetable seeds will produce crops that will produce seeds which can be collected and planted next season, keeping the vegetable growing cycle and seed saving cycle year after year!


Since these days the future of our economy is rather uncertain, lately I’ve begun my own search for some non hybrid open pollinated survival seeds, which I would much rather purchase if they come in some kind of all-proof package or vault.

Well, after thorough investigation of all survival seed banks on the market, and reading all the available data on all of the emergency seed banks, I’ve put together this page to help myself, and my friends, to make an informative decision.

On this page you can browse through my un-biased reviews and comparisons of currently most popular survival seed banks you can buy on the market today. I included the votes from people who have purchased one or more of these seed banks and sent me an email about the benefits and features.

My attempt is to make these survival seed bank reviews as un-biased as possible, albeit I, and many other customers, do have a favored survival seed bank. I’m sure you have no trouble guessing which one it is! :)
You can view the Survival Seed Pack Comparison Chart above, and read detailed reviews of the best survival seed banks below.

Survival Seed Bank
Price: $149 + $15 Shipping & Handling

Quantity: 20.000 seeds in total

Variety: 22 varieties of open pollinated Heirloom survival seeds

Seeds Packaging: Each seed package is sealed in a special foil packet. The seed packs are then vacuumed packed and placed in a special waterproof (practically indestructible) container.

Shelf Life: 20 years at 70 degrees.

Review: They supply a great mix of Open pollinated Heirloom seeds which are adaptable to almost all climates found in North America. They do store the seeds in triple layer mylar, which has the best track record for seed storage. Their Seed Vault is made of PVC.

With every Seed bank you get a bottle of “Nitro Seed Starter Solution” absolutely free of charge. What this amazing product does is allow you to jump start your crop by simply soaking your seeds in this solution for a few seconds before you plant.

Also included is a special 81-page manual called *Survival Gardening With Heirlooms*. It’s designed to help anyone (beginner or expert), cultivate a highly productive crisis garden. Written by a survivalist and a master gardener, it describes in detail, each step of the way, taking you by the hand from planting your seeds to cultivating to gathering and storing your seeds for the next growing season.

Family Survival Emergency Seed Bank
Price: $72.95 for Family Survival Emergency Seed Bank with free shipping

$139.99 for Deluxe Emergency Seed Bank (57 Varieties) with free shipping

Quantity: 37.000 seeds

Variety: 33 varieties of Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds

Seeds Packaging: Seeds are sealed in Triple Layer Mylar and then placed in resealable seed bank called Ammo Box.

Shelf life: 5-10 years.

Review: Emergency Seed bank has superior packaging and best types of vegetable seed which can grow in all 11 zones across the country. Seeds are all natural and non hybrid, which means that you can collect seeds for use next year. Every Emergency seed bank contains some 23 varieties and more than 37.000 seeds. You can literally plant a 1-acre survival garden with it!

Seeds are guaranteed to germinate for up to five years. Included with your seeds and ammo box in this Emergency Seed bank will be a free growing guide, with seed harvesting instructions.

Definitely the best seed bank packaging – it’s practically a vault which can be resealed once it’s opened. The price on their page is BEST VALUE: you can buy one seed bank for only $139, and two for $239 which includes shipping and handling!

Heirloom Organics
Price: $99 Seed Vault (2 people)

$149 Family Pack (4 person)

$249 Homestead Pack (8 people)

$499 Farm Pack (farms, large scale storage) plus shipping and handling

Quantity: 55.000+ seeds /1.8 lb /30 varieties in Seed Vault (2 people)

100.000+ seeds /2.8 lb /35 varieties in Family Pack (4 persons)

170.000+ seeds /5.9 lb /40 varieties in Homestead Pack (8 people)

390.000+ seeds /12 lbs /45 varieties in Farm Pack

Variety: 25/30/35/40 varieties of Non Hybrid seeds.

Seeds Packaging: seeds are packaged properly for long term storage, then placed into plastic container – resealable Seed Bank.

Review: Heirloom Organics offers 4 types of seed packs, ranging in seed varieties and quantities. The smallest is Seed Vault (for 2+ people, only $99), followed by Family Pack (4 people, $149), Homestead Pack (8 people $249) and Farm Pack (40 seed varieties, 367 000 seeds for $499).

Seed Vault emergency pack is designed for a single person or two persons use, while Family Pack has twice the amount of seeds for only $50 more. Family pack is probably the optimum choice for average American family with some garden space. Homestead Pack and Farm Pack are considered “Investment Grade” seed stocks. All Heirloom Organics seed packs contain excellent cross-section of non hybrid, highly nutritional varieties of vegetable seeds. Great balance (indoor and outdoor varieties) of vegetables that do well in all zones; excellent choice for every family! Use the methods developed and approved by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) for processing and packaging seeds for long-term storage.

Nitro Pak

Price: $49.95 for Survival Garden Seeds Can or $264 for Survival Garden Seeds CASE with 6 cans plus shipping and handling.

Quantity: 659 grams/1.5 lbs

Variety: only 16 varieties of open pollinated Non-Hybrid survival seeds

Seeds Packaging: Seed group is individually heat sealed in a triple-layered foil packet. These packs are placed into a can.

Shelf life: will store for 4-5 years or more at 75 degrees.

Review: Each can includes detailed seed information on each variety including soil preparation, recommended seed planting depths, spacing, germination temperatures, average planting dates Seeds are Non-Hybrid but NOT Heirloom Varieties.