Container Vegetable Gardening

If you do not have space in your backyard, container vegetable gardening is a perfect solution to add versatility to your garden. You can use container gardening to add dimension or accent to the landscape by planting flowers and vegetables. It is possible to make the same results with vegetables as with flowers. All you have to do is arrange the containers or the pots in the way you would arrange the flowers. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and colors of vegetables just like there is in flowers.

There are endless vegetables you can use for container vegetable gardening. Any vegetable that is strong enough to hold the soil can be used for container gardening. Remember to put holes in the bottom of the container to let water to drain. The most common kinds of pots used for container gardening are made of ceramic, plastic, wood or clay, which can be purchased at local garden centers.

Soil must be lightweight mix for container gardening. Soilless potting mix is ideal for container gardening due to its ability to retain moisture and ventilate well. Soilless potting mix is a common blend of perlite, peat and vermiculite.

Planting of seeds or plants in pots is done just as the same as you plant in the garden. You just have to follow the instructions included in the packet of the seed or plants that you bought. In addition, it is necessary to consider the location of the container garden because some plants need partial sun, even shade of full sunlight.

You need to water your container plants everyday. Pots do not hold the amount of moisture unlike in the garden soil. Most of the time, containers must be watered everyday or at least every other day so that the plants in your container vegetable garden do not dry out.