heirloom organics seed vault
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Heirloom Organics is the company behind the original Survival Seed Vault. Heirloom Organics is specialized in supplying Non-hybrid and Heirloom seeds, prepared and packed for long-term storage. The company started in 1997. and since then they grew into one of the biggest supplier of non hybrid seeds in US with an extensive product line which includes 6 main Seed Packs and 12 Specialty Packs.

Seed Packs are as follows:

Essential Garden Pack – 20 varieties of non-hybrid seeds, 1 gallon pail, $35
City Survival Seed Vault – 21 varieties, over 21,000 seeds, $39
Seed Vault – the Original Seed Vault with 30 varieties and 55,000 seeds, $99
Family Pack – 35 varieties, 100,000 seeds and 2.8 LBs weight, $149
Homestead Pack – 40 varieties, 5,9 LBs weight, 170,000 seeds, $249
Farm Pack – 45 varieties, 12,0 LBs, 390,000 seeds, $499

All Heirloom Organics seed pack are processed for long term storage with the method of seed preparation  (called VAULT™ method) developed and approved by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) which increases the shelf life by many years. All packs are sealed into waterproof heavy duty green pails which can be re-opened and resealed as needed. For maximizing and sustaining seed germination rates, all seed packs are sealed inside moisture-resistant inner packages.

essential garden packEssential Garden Pack, the smallest package from Heirloom Organics is designed for gardening beginners who would like start a vegetable garden and gain some independence over their food supply. With 20 varieties of non hybrid seed it’s not meant to be a long term storage solution although it comes in the same packaging as bigger vaults (plastic pail).

essential garden

  • 20 varieties
  • Quantity: 6,000 seeds
  • Price: $35
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city survival seed vault

City Survival Seed Vault with 21 varieties and some 20,000 seeds is meant for one person who would like to start a garden on a window still, balcony, rooftop or even urban plot. This Seed Vault contains many leafy greens which don’t require much space and sunlight and grow very quickly (so, you can have your first harvest just few weeks from planting). Varieties are chosen with strong flavors and nutritional values in mind, so heath benefits and great taste are guaranteed.

city pack

  • 21 varieties
  • Quantity: 20,000 seeds
  • Price: $39,95
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seed vault top view

Seed Vault is the cheapest full sized  package with 30 varieties and 55,000 seed which makes it ideal for a family of two. With this seed vault you can plan up to 2 acres of land and all seeds are non hybrid non GMO seeds, like in all other packs. All seeds are open pollinated non hybrid seeds, which allow you to collect the seeds from this years’ crop and use it for next year growing season! High nutrient vegetables, good balance of nutritional and agricultural values. Seed vault is for starting a garden or as emergency backup.

survival vault small

  • 30 varieties
  • Quantity: 55,00+ seeds
  • Price: $99
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family seed vaultFamily Pack, as the name suggests, is designed for a family (4 members) because it contains almost twice as much seed as Seed Vault does. There are 35 varieties (some 2.8 LBs of weight) and over 100,000 vegetables seeds in this vault. Seed vault contains excellent cross of varieties which will grow well in almost all conditions (and all zones). The vegetables included are a nice mix of fruiting and leafy varieties, some capable of growing indoors as well as outdoors. High nutrient vegetables, good balance of nutritional and agricultural values. The Family Pack can supply your family with excellent vegetables and great nutrition throughout the year, and the seeds can be saved for next year planting season! Most people buy two, one for planting and the other one for storage in case of emergency situations.

farm pack small

  • 35 varieties
  • Quantity: 100,000 seeds
  • Price: $149
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homestead pack

Homestead Pack is excellent choice for large families (up to 8 members), experienced gardeners with more than an acre of growing space, or as secure investment for bartering. If you have a large garden and enough gardening knowledge, this vaults will offer you more than enough seeds to plant a hole garden and have extra seed for storage. Homestead Pack contains 40 varieties of high-nutrient vegetables, grains, legumes and fruits. Some 170,000 seeds, all non hybrid and Non GMO allowing you to harvest seeds for future planting.

homestead pack small

  • 40 varieties
  • Quantity: 170,000+ seeds
  • Price: $249
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Heirloom Organics Farm PackFarm Pack is the largest seed vault offered by Heirloom Seeds, intended for extra large growing spaces like farms, large scale storage and investment-grade seed purchases. This is probably the biggest non hybrid seed set in the world, containing some 390,000 seeds and 45 varieties and weighing about 12 LBs.  This vault contains really large amounts of  grain, legumes, fruit and vegetable varieties. Seed list is truly extensive so many vegetables (like tomatoes, cabbage, beans and squash ) have  two or even three types of variety in this large seed pack.

farm pack small

  • 45 varieties
  • Quantity: 390,000+ seeds
  • Price: $499
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