Survival Seed Bank


1 size available:

22 varieties of Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds

Quantity: 30,000 seeds

Free “Nitro Seed Starter Solution”

SKU: Survival Seed Bank


Solutions from Science currently offers just one size of their Survival Seed Bank priced at $149 which is in the upper part of price range, but well worth the money. Here is the complete list of all heirloom vegetable seeds in this seed vault:

1) October Bean
2) Black Valentine Bean, Stringless
3)Bountiful Bea
4)Detroit Dark Red Beet
5)Copenhagen Market Cabbage
6) Stowell’s Evergreen Corn
7) Reid’s Yellow Dent Corn
8) Bushy Cucumber
9) Yellow Of Parma Onion
10) Bloomsdale Spinach
11) Scarlet Nantez Carrot
12) Red Salad Bowl Lettuce
13) Oakleaf Lettuce
14) Hale’s Best Melon
15) Green Arrow Pea
16) Fordhook Giant Chard
17) Brandywine Tomato
18) California Wonder Pepper
19) Early Jalapeno Pepper
20) French Breakfast Radish
21) Waltham Butternut Squash
22) Rossa Bianca Eggplant

All the vegetable seeds from Survival Seed Bank are open pollinated non GMO seeds, which means you can harvest the seeds from this year’s garden and replant next year without the need to buy more seeds.