Tips For Growing Tomatoes

When growing tomatoes, make sure to plant deep. You need to bury the stem of the tomato plant to allow it to grow tall and sturdy quickly. Tomatoes are ideally planted early in the season when the soil is cool. A trench of four to five inches deep is best to set the tomato transplant. Put the transplant into the trench and bury the stem up until the top leaves of the tomato.

Bury the tomato in a deep and straight hole if you are going to transplant later in the season when the soil is warm. Remember that moister and cooler soil that is below six inches deep can help the tomatoes to survive the dry and hot summers.

Most gardeners make the mistake of overfeeding when growing tomatoes. Make sure that your soil is rich in humus that can nourish the roots and potassium to keep the stems strong. Do not add too much nitrogen if you do not want your tomatoes to be big and lush but little fruit. Usually, gardeners use homemade compost for phosphorus supply of the tomatoes. If your soil lacks phosphorus, you are encouraged to add rock phosphate to your garden.

Tomato plants tend to grow slowly in chilly temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and below while tomato flowers drop off in hot temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit and above. You can control the temperature by plastic teepees that have individual tubes with water.

Most organic gardeners use plastic mulch to maintain the soil warm during spring to avoid weeds from growing. Though plastic mulch are useful, you can also use all-natural mulches to help your tomatoes grow healthy. Use layer of leaves, straws, pine needles or dried grass clippings around your plants, which can keep the roots cool and prevent the weeds from growing.
Growing tomatoes isn’t that difficult, just pay a little attention to your crops and you’ll enjoy tasty tomatoes for the whole season.